Teaser Trailer

When you’ve worked hard to put a production together, you want as many people as possible to hear about it and come see it! At Rosaria Productions, we love putting together a teaser trailer to raise awareness and excitement about what’s going on in the area.

Lucas-Copple Wedding

Walking down the aisle with a beautiful breeze accompanying your every step, music to the ears.

Gliding up steps to a platform where your true love awaits, where you tie the knot that symbolically shows your eternal pledge to one another.

Enjoy the Wedding Highlights from the Lucas-Copple outdoor wedding!

Joseph-Schoonover Wedding

I had the pleasure to shoot and edit the wedding of Ms. Joseph & Mr. Schoonover this year, and how fun it was!

The bride and groom were absolutely stunning, and you could see their love for each other and their families shine through their smiles.

Here are some video highlights for you to enjoy:

Girls Getting Ready:

Post-Ceremony Fun:

Spring Showcase 2013

Body Fitness celebrated their 8th annual Spring Dance Showcase this year! Everyone did a beautiful job, it was such fun to video and then rewatch it all while editing.

Check out videos of these graceful and fun moments: